Our first logo.

Our first logo.


bettercorp began as a blueprint, a redesign of business based on the fundamental function of every institution:

to make life easier.

Our objective is to assist and augment people whose business operations work for the benefit of life, building a future of opportunity. A system should be designed for all participants to succeed in contributing to society, with a full life as the reward.


We seek business allies who want to live their values at home and at work, in alignment with the values of all stakeholders, from owners to employees, and anyone who works to improve the communities and environments we call home. 

We define ourselves through our interaction with our world, and would like for the result of our time and actions to contribute to the good of all humankind. We aspire to leave a legacy that ensures those who follow us have greater opportunities as a result of our work, as was provided for us.


Life is a pretty awesome thing to experience, and it is our goal to help realize that for everyone.


reinforcing positivity

We believe in changing the way the world works by incentivizing positive behavior, shifting the flow of capital to businesses who follow practices that improve society and our environment. Our theory is that civilizations flourish when you invest in human capital and enable opportunities for educated, healthy, and free citizens. The goal is to achieve this while maintaining equilibrium with the resources of our natural world.

Humans are our primary investment, and our greatest resource. bettercorp is designed to build a thriving economy that radiates this core principle. It is the job of a business to build value for its stakeholders, and maintain civilization on a path toward a fair and just society.


 Photo credit:  P  exels , via  pixabay   CC0

Photo credit: Pexels, via pixabay CC0

 Photo credit:  Momonator , via  pixabay   CC0

Photo credit: Momonator, via pixabay CC0

achieving balance

This generation of people alive now has the infrastructure to share knowledge, coordinate decisions, and through active participation with our economy, shift wealth to those who generate the most value for humankind. We decide what world we want to live in with every transaction; it should be a considered and informed choice.

Our approach requires sharing knowledge and engaging with citizens in their roles as consumers, investors, and business owners to determine the solutions with the greatest impact. By increasing the transparency to what our money supports, we improve our ability to make decisions in accordance with our values.

The world is a wonderful place; the purpose of every corporation is to make it better.


Our name is presented in lowercase because we find that humility is integral to improvement, both individually and as a business. We prefer the focus is directed to the amazing people we are lucky to call friends.


What we mean when we say:

sustainable - whether an activity (or group of activities) supports life

by operating within the limitations of our natural resources, including and primarily its impact on humans.

benefit corporation - a legal structure for incorporating a business that declares a material positive impact on society and the environment as a business purpose, and allows interested stakeholders.

built to provide a net positive impact on society as a business purpose, recognizing a stakeholder's rights in this determination. see also public benefit corporation

Certified B Corporation or B Corp - a third-party certification for a business whose social and environmental practices meet rigorous standards of accountability and transparency. see also USDA Organic or LEED




unifying principle

All actions at bettercorp follow a simple principle:

facilitate life, solve for h

Where h represents the challenges of humankind. 

This defines our purpose for being and how we create value: improve the quality of life while serving the fundamental conditions that support us, and address the common goals of humankind.

primary values

These keep us human, giving them precedence.


Exercise of our right to independence


Dynamic adaptation nearing equilibrium


Considerate of the dignity due to all


openness - because you are a part of this, you deserve the truth

growth - improvement through progress

our process

Truth exists in the search, not a result.


with stakeholders to understand and consider the perspectives of interested citizens


apply research and knowledge in ways that help us understand the optimal state of our world


relevant information that broadens our perspective, enabling a clear view toward excellence




I think life is awesome and I want to make sure it stays that way.


austin aspires to incentivize nearly every action to work for the benefit of all.

Working alongside businesses to improve social and environmental practices with greater transparency and accountability, bettercorp allows citizens in their roles as consumers to align capital with their values in every purchase, earning our future through collective choice.

Trained as an attorney, austin enjoys discovering creative solutions that emerge when working with finite resources or other limitations. He holds a JD from the Maurer School of Law at Indiana University Bloomington and is licensed to practice in New York. In his spare time he enjoys cooking, contemplating space travel, and exploring what it means to be human. 




for startups

We use our experience, resources, and network to guide you through the process of becoming a Certified B Corp, allowing you to maximize your time and effort where it matters most. Our goal is to streamline the process so you can pursue your value-aligned mission.


for investors

We track the metrics that matter to you, ensuring the entrepreneurs you support have the freedom to do what they do best. With B Corp Certification, businesses also receive a free GIIRS rating, allowing you to understand the overall impact of your fund.


get started

Today is the best day to do good!

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Our philosophy of interaction

Lead with Kindness - every living organism deserves respect and dignity.