Five Freedoms

Our Code of Conduct revolves around Do's instead of Don'ts

A sneak peek at our core principles, still in development. The freedoms established here apply to all humans.

To Be

A person shall be treated equally with others, with no distinction for immutable traits. A person may communicate with and associate with anyone who consents in mutual agreement. Personal choices infringing on no one else shall be respected.

Specifically this prohibits the following: discriminatory behavior; harassment, abuse, and violence; activity or speech that prevents free association or collective bargaining.

To Live


Working conditions shall be designed and maintained to improve the quality of life without unnecessary harm. This includes consideration of effects on the local environment and any proximate communities.

Specifically this prohibit the following:

To Work

Adults may enter conscionable agreements with employers to generate valuable work in exchange for a living wage. A living wage is compensation for services to cover basic needs plus additional funds toward community development.

Specifically this prohibit the following: child and other forced means of labor, 

To Grow

A community is capable of determining the conditions of its own development, and shall be respected provided reasonable consent of that community.

Specifically this prohibit the following:

Of Contract

This contract is valid subject to the condition when all contractors and sub-contractors are in agreement and in good-faith compliance with the above freedoms as well as in compliance with local laws and regulations.

Specifically this prohibits the following: