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our purpose is to

Facilitate meaningful work that improves the lives around us.

We view work as a way to share our time and the pursuit of our interests toward the common goal of moving human civilization forward. Our combined efforts can enable healthy, happy lives for everyone. We accomplish this by measuring the impact your business has on your workers, community, and environment using established metrics. This allows you to identify areas of improvement as well as recognizes the good that you do.

We aspire to achieve balance with our natural environment, as stewards responsible for our future and everyone who follows in our path.


improve your


Help your business reflect your values by creating a legacy of good practices.


To maximize our impact,

We focus on improving four industries, with special attention given to businesses based in NYC.






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to preserve our mission,

We are incorporated as a for-profit benefit corporation.

Part of our legally-defined purpose at bettercorp is to create a general public benefit, defined by statute as a “material positive impact on society and the environment, taken as a whole, assessed against a third-party standard, from the business and operations of a benefit corporation.”

We think it is instrumental as a business to create value and share it with the community who supports us. You can learn more about benefit corporations here.


Our third-party standard:

Certified Pending as a B Corporation.

We use the impact reporting framework created by the non-profit B Lab because the certification considers all aspects of business for 130 industries across environmental, social, governance and community metrics. Becoming a Certified B Corp also requires greater transparency and accountability with our stakeholders.

Learn more about B Corp Certification here, or let us help you out!


Disclaimer: We are independent of B Lab, however, we work as partners to help build good practices into your business.