expressing our authentic self

Fashion shares our individual style as well as our values, which we should be free to define without compromise. By purchasing garments from brands who take a stance on what they produce and how it is made, we show the industry who we are. We believe every human involved in creating our garments deserves dignity and respect, and that those pieces are made from materials and production methods with the least environmental impact. Through elegant design and quality construction we can create fashion that is timeless.

Solutions at the source

Citizens who consider each purchase support the efforts of companies who elect to make positive contributions to society. Their work is integral to the solution. Certified B Corporations like Eileen Fisher, Patagonia and Reformation ensure their products have a positive impact through the entire supply chain, including the labor force as well as the environment. These companies constantly push the industry to improve their practices by leading the way, and never settle for good enough.



Sustainable development goals

Within fashion the challenges address the following goals:




nourishing our communities

Food nourishes our bodies as well as our spirits. Through cuisine we maintain our cultural heritage, which we happily share with others through traditions of hospitality and kindness. By sourcing our food mindful of the environmental impacts of our practices, we respect our planet that provides for our lives and ensure its enduring health. Good social practices in the industry such as a working wage and fair pricing helps us build strong and healthy communities.

food for thought

Clean, affordable food is the goal. Producers and suppliers respond to shifting consumer preferences, resulting in an increase of Certified Organic and other high quality foods. Certified B Corporations are also mindful of their environmental impact, tracking metrics from emissions to water use. King Arthur Flour takes it a step further by making employees owners, which allows everyone to share in the bounty. Brands like Happy Family and Revolution Foods place their focus in the next generation, providing quality nutrition for our youngest as they grow.



Sustainable development goals

In producing solutions for food, we take action toward the following goals:



finance 3.jpg

investing in our shared future

Financial institutions fund our best ideas to make our daily lives easier, allowing us to build great civilizations. Increasingly, businesses collect non-financial data, integrating social and environmental metrics in their reports. This assists in determining best practices to achieve the mutual goal of prosperity for all. Through greater transparency, investors are able to make financial decisions that align with their values and are consistent with their vision for the future.

institutions to generate value

As a global hub for the finance industry, New York City can lead the charge to put the focus on creating value by educating investors to understand that where we invest our capital matters. Directing assets towards instruments that generate social and environmental gains can also mean stable long-term financial profits, because this supports the limitless resource of human capital. Certified B Corporations like The Caprock Group and RSF Capital Management help you select investments that do good for the entire planet while generating reasonable returns. Amalgamated Bank acts more like a neighbor, serving local underserved communities with its funds.

 Photo credit:  skeeze , via  pixabay   CC0

Photo credit: skeeze, via pixabay CC0

 Photo credit:  sanjitbakshi , via  Visual Hunt   CC BY 2.0

Photo credit: sanjitbakshi, via Visual Hunt CC BY 2.0

Sustainable development goals

Through our work in finance, we address the following goals:




Endless possibilities

Technology augments the human experience, personalizing convenience and optimizing the efficiency of daily tasks, serving to improve our overall quality of life. Technology companies who reflect the diversity of humankind are better equipped to understand, and thereby serve the global economy. Through inclusive and supportive environments, we develop our strengths complementary to each other. The knowledge and opportunities we share builds a communal spirit, accelerating advancement.

Data to benefit

Technology maximizes human potential through data capture, aggregation, and analysis. Knowing which actions generate maximum impact makes the best use of our resources, the most important of which is our time. DoneGood, a Certified B Corporation, suggests socially-responsible alternatives when shopping online; when you are mobile, MilkCrate measures and grows your impact. There are also B Corps like Laureate Education and AltSchool, who use technology to improve accessibility to effective education. All life benefits as a result.



sustainable development goals

Technology companies are positioned to positively influence the following goals: