Our first logo.

Our first logo.


bettercorp begins with the understanding that lasting change is the result of the collected efforts of many, and occurs over the course of generations. Our legal structure as a benefit corporation allows us the opportunity to leverage business as a means to not only make a profit, but generate value and improve the quality of life. Ideally, work lets us earn a living pursuing our interests while making a positive impact on our world. Mission One is to facilitate meaningful work that improves the lives around us.

We seek business allies who want to live their values at home and at work, in alignment with the values of all stakeholders, from owners to employees, and anyone who works to improve the communities and environments we call home. 

We define ourselves by how we interact with our world, and would like for the result of our time and actions to contribute to the good of all humankind. We hope to leave a legacy that ensures those who follow us have greater opportunities as a result of our work, as was provided for us. Life is a pretty awesome thing to experience, and it is our goal to help realize that for everyone.


reinforcing positivity

We believe in changing the way the world works by incentivizing positive behavior, and shifting the flow of capital to businesses who follow practices that improve society and our environment. Our theory is that civilizations flourish when you invest in human capital and enable educated, healthy, and free citizens. We believe we can accomplish this while also maintaining equilibrium with the resources of our natural world.

Humans are our primary investment, and our greatest resource. bettercorp is designed to build a thriving economy that radiates this core principle. It is the job of a business to build value for its stakeholders, and maintain civilization on a path toward a fair and just society.


Photo credit:  P  exels , via  pixabay   CC0

Photo credit: Pexels, via pixabay CC0

Photo credit:  Momonator , via  pixabay   CC0

Photo credit: Momonator, via pixabay CC0

achieving balance

The generation of people alive now has the infrastructure to share knowledge, coordinate decisions, and through a collaborative economy, shift wealth to those who generate the most value for humankind. We decide what world we want to live in with every transaction; it should be a considered and informed choice.

Our approach requires sharing and engagement with consumers, investors, and business owners to determine the solutions with the greatest impact. By increasing transparency of what our money supports, we improve our ability to make decisions in accordance with our values.

The world is a wonderful place; the purpose of every corporation is to make it better.


Our name is presented in lowercase because we believe that humility is integral to improvement, both individually and as a business. We prefer the focus is directed to the companies we help, and the lives we improve. Join us!