is a benefit corporation

built to unite the

power of us


by aligning our values in our work


We assist companies whose social and environmental practices generate a positive impact on the world. We follow the trusted framework of a Certified B Corporation to measure and verify that your business is a force for good, connecting you with citizens who care.

Go further to protect your purpose by converting to the legal structure of a benefit corporation. This preserves your freedom to consider the interests of all stakeholders (your coworkers, community, and future generations) when making decisions regarding your business.


Disclaimer: bettercorp is independent of B Lab, the non-profit behind B Corp Certification.


creating rising cycles of

positive change


to make our institutions work for us


We consider metrics in our investments that allow us to focus our energy on companies with practices that are beneficial to life. This incentivizes our capital markets to address the fundamental function of finance, which is to invest resources in the people who help life grow.



for our communities and environment, where we call



defining our own path


Through systems of knowledge and methods of interaction with the world, allowing you to participate in building new standards; standards that respect natural resources and act to improve the quality of life for all.

We convert intent to action through our spending, leading our markets toward transparency and accountability.


shaping our future



This is the story of our generation


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