pathfinding and failing publicly

Originally these notes were intended as a window into building a startup. Clearing a new path is an undertaking, and the very premise for how bettercorp came to be: sustainable practices are an additional layer of complexity on an already difficult process, and to encourage this route, I built a business to make it a little easier. It is a perk knowing that the results benefit us all.

I hoped to first reach a point of stability before pulling back the curtain, to have a team built, a substantial client list, and enough traction where I could laugh at my former stumbles and mistakes, but the reality is that this is the journey. It gets easier for sure, but there will always be fires to put out, struggles that make me consider a desk job, and instances where I have to pick up the broken pieces, salvage what I can, and move forward.

What I can say in hindsight, is that even in this short time, it has all been worth it. I am here because of former obstacles, and I know I will overcome what lies ahead.

For those of you keeping tabs on my progress, thank you. It is tough to bring attention to my failures and delays, but it is more important to me that you know the reality of what it takes to run a startup (hint: things take 10x as long, and cost 10x as much). I think this is much more helpful to those of you starting your own ventures, and just way more real for those of you following along.