the worst thing is the best thing

Fridays are always difficult to create these notes; running solo, my days are at least 12 hours focused towards work, and by the end of the week I can feel run down. Sometimes, an entire day feels like a waste because of repeated scheduling mishaps and surprises like compromised credit cards, and I have to remind myself that it is just one day, and to not let it sour the others. A hidden gem is that it sets a low bar for the next day to go well.

It is important to give yourself the time to reflect on challenges and successes from the week, and provide an opportunity to tidy up mentally before I put things on the shelf for a few days. Although that is never entirely the case, I have resolved to at least not pressure myself to get things done over the weekend. I think about it for sure, but more like dolphin sleep than the full focus I devote to bettercorp Monday to Friday. Taking time off is good for productivity.

After a deep dive looking at my previous mistakes, looking to where I can improve, things are moving forward again. Not exactly the rate of progress I would like, but having to return to square one and start again for the third time is a lesson in patience as well as perseverance.

A perspective carried from my days riding a motorcycle is that if you can look back on a situation and laugh, you probably should. Things are not so terrible after all. Enjoy your freedom this weekend!

only because of rain are there rainbows.

only because of rain are there rainbows.