culture is critical

The most important thing for me in assembling a team to carry out our mission is that everyone is able to live their truest self. Honesty and self-reflection is a large part of that, because our characters are constantly developing. Employment is a powerful opportunity for growth, and this potential can be lost when individuals are restricted to familiar, comfortable paths.

Individuals being the operative word, because any business is just a collection of people acting toward a common goal. Some will be a good fit, but not everyone will. A good fit means only that and nothing more; like pairings of flavors, individuals should be diverse but complementary, and by working together we accomplish things greater than we could on our own.

I failed to nurture culture from the start, and my previous attempt at building a team fell flat. To prevent this mistake moving forward, I am referring to others, seeking advice, and trying my best to not replicate the mistakes of others.

Our first guideline, not only chronologically but in principle, is to lead with kindness.

This means that we start by giving everyone the benefit of the doubt, and begin interactions sharing the best of ourselves. We operate under the premise that people are good, and want good for others. Through our work, we hope to prove that is true.