the corporate we

There are times when I am not entirely sure where bettercorp ends, and I start again. Since I began, this endeavor has consumed the majority of my time and energy, and I am finding that it really is just an outlet for who I am. There is no off button for that. Despite the uncertainty that surrounds us, I still see an incredible future ahead. Building the road that gets us there is the long journey of what I hope to accomplish, and the reason it is embodied in a corporate form. A corporation exists in perpetuity, and this is going to take longer than my life alone.

It is also going to take a team to carry out this work, which has been the focus of the past few months. I discovered the many reasons that make me a terrible manager (I do not like to micromanage, but you can also manage too little) and had to gather a mountain of advice on being an effective leader. Every day is learning something new, and I like that. Which works out, because you absolutely have to do everything when you start out, from marketing to accounting, pitching, and building the core product.

Thankfully, knowledge is plentiful, and most people have been incredibly generous with their time and expertise (credits forthcoming). I only hope that what I do is able to pay that forward to future generations. But I also want to make clear this is not just my work, and not just me at the helm. I am where I am because of others, I am not the first to attempt this, and I am not unique in this way. I simply have a different set of tools and circumstances in front of me, and my job is to make the best of it, and try to fix what I can in the world.

In short, the last thing I want is for this to be about me. I want this to be about you and I, and what we can accomplish together. In any event, happy weekend, and try to be yourself.